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The Edge is an arterial design home. Nestled beautifully on the ridges of Old Volcanic Rock. Creating The Ege to be one of the only natural retreats set amongst the pristine environment of Clunes offering Day Spa treatments, open-air cinema, nature walks or picnics next to our very personal section of riverfront. While staying at The Edge ask Avalon to book a personal or group wellness packages that could help assist you in many areas of your life. From Stress, anger, pain. To trauma, relationship issues and much more. Check out some of the things we offer from the natural world to support and assist you in your journey of getting back to who you were always meant to be. This is a supportive alternative way to wellness. We cannot claim to have the cure. However, we can claim we can support and give different ideas on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual trauma. And teach you to start taking care of your own health from your own environment. With massage, herbs, meditation, Qi Gong Excises, bodywork, connection. American Indian, Chinese and European natural medicine that has been around before western medicine was known. As well as all of that we have propasal packages, melting moments chocolate gift suprises and in the warmer seasons. The only private open air cinema in Clunes and the Ballarat, Daylesford surrounding area. Check out our compendum or person accommodation websight for more details.

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59 Thornton Street, 3370, Victoria, مالطا
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